$34 Million Raise in Annual Gas Revenues

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Missouri Gas Energy, now operating as Spire, requested a $34 million raise in annual gas revenues last month. If approved by the Missouri Public Service Commission, customers can expect yearly bills to increase about $61. With this in mind, now is a good time to consider upgrading to a high efficiency furnace to offset rising energy costs.

At Hale’s Heating & Cooling, the majority of our new furnaces are high efficiency. Our most popular furnace is the Carrier Performance Condensing Gas Furnace. “This furnace is 96 percent efficient and has an ECM motor so it not only provides great efficiency for heating, it boosts your cooling efficiency too, saving you money year-round,” says co-owner, Michele Beck.

The savings don’t stop there! We work with all the major utility companies to secure energy rebates for our customers. In the last three years, Hale’s has secured over $250,000 in energy rebates on new equipment. On average, most of our customers receive $875 in combined energy rebates on each new system we install. Rebates are based on heating and cooling efficiency and can come from both gas and electric suppliers.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) began instituting standards for furnace models sold, starting in 1992. This beginning figure was an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating (AFUE) of 78. In 2013, it was raised to 80. The DOE shows heating and cooling alone account for 56 percent of a typical home’s energy use—30 percent of this comes from heating.

Every furnace is given an AFUE rating (these can be found on a yellow, EnergyGuide label) that tells the percentage of energy actually reaped from the product doing work. The remaining difference can be assumed as lost energy… Remember! You can easily view the AFUE score in terms of money. With an 80 AFUE, only 80¢ heats your home and 20¢ of every dollar goes up your flue. Stop trying to fume Santa out and remember the saying, “every penny counts.” If your furnace happens to be dated or less efficient, contemplate replacement and give us a call. We can crunch the numbers and give you an unbiased opinion about what makes most sense.

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