Cor® Wifi ThermostatsAlong


Your heating and cooling system is at the center of what makes your home comfortable and also where you spend the most on energy. The engineers at Carrier have developed a thermostat with intelligent controls designed to be the heart of a smarter home – a home where comfort and energy savings go hand-in-hand. Côr thermostats can do more than give you unprecedented control of your home comfort. They can also show you ways to optimize energy savings with the touch of a button. Its impressive range of efficient, cost-saving features has recently earned the original Côr® thermostat ENERGY STAR® certification. The Côr thermostat is one of the first programmable thermostats to carry this coveted label, doing so without sacrificing performance. The original Côr® thermostat plays well with other systems. You can increase its versatility when pairing it with Apple® HomeKit™, Amazon™ Alexa™ or Côr™ Home Automation.

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