Fall Maintenance


Many homeowners tend to believe they can handle maintenance tasks by themselves (thanks to too many DIY episodes), but the majority of the labor requires specialty equipment and technician expertise to deliver accurate and informative results. Routine maintenance will provide you big benefits like:

  • increased efficiency
  • improved air quality
  • lowered likelihood of unbudgeted repairs
  • lower utility bills

We know lowering utility bills is a common goal shared among customers. That’s why we offer our fall maintenance plan for you!

A maintenance contract with Hale’s Heating & Cooling gives you priority service. You will not have to wait in line behind non-agreement customers. Comprehensive inspection will take place, covering a plethora of items no homeowner wants to worry about. For starters, replacement of air filters will be taken care of. This alone can be tricky to always remember. To combat that, we provide our customers with automatic reminders when it is time for next service. A maintenance agreement with Hale’s will net you a 10% discount on repairs to your equipment and a reduced after-hours call rate.

As far as the comprehensive HVAC inspection, you can expect to see numerous things covered. Some of these items include:

  • checking refrigerant charge
  • inspecting burner combustion
  • measuring voltage on equipment motors
  • cleaning evaporator and condenser coils

Hale’s Heating & Cooling tops all of this off with our safety test of equipment. Do you get why we said it can’t be all do-it-yourself? Preventative maintenance agreements will give the customer ever-so important peace of mind when it comes to comfort, and ultimately prolong the life of your heating and cooling system.

Maintenance on your HVAC system is key in more ways than one. Just like a car that provides regular transportation, so too does your HVAC system in comfort. The difference is one is hardly seen compared to the other, making it more likely to be ignored. Similar to oil changes on a car, your HVAC unit needs attention and upkeep, as well. Neglecting your heating and cooling system can be easy to do, but that’s why we’re here to help you.