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Why It Really Matters

You’re looking for an HVAC company you can trust so you start searching online (we know you do!) You see some are “licensed and insured.” Is this just hype or does it really mean something to you. The answer is absolutely!

1. Protects you, the homeowner.
Most cities require a license to do HVAC work. To earn a license, an HVAC contractor must provide a master mechanical certificate that assures you we’re knowledgable, proof of liability that covers damage to your home, and workers comp insurance that covers any injury to a technician. If you choose an unlicensed contractor, you are responsible for any damages. Yikes!

2. Gives you recourse options.
While Licensed & Insured does not guarantee quality work, it does give you the option to dispute workmanship through the equipment manufacturer and the state, if there is a problem. There is no recourse with unlicensed contractors if they do an incomplete or poor job.

3. Penny wise, dollar short.
It’s tempting to choose an unlicensed contractor because it “saves you money.” The money you “save” could lead to lots of extra costs. If there is a problem with workmanship, many unlicensed operators do not come back and fix the problems, leading to extra expense for the homeowner to hire another contractor to fix the issue. We have even found sizing and other issues that can only be resolved by replacement.

4. High quality equipment for the best price.
Premium brands are careful who they allow to install their equipment. As a result, unlicensed contractors do not have access to the same caliber of equipment as a licensed contractor. HVAC is an expensive investment and you want to make sure your system will last.

5. Rebates, rebates rebates!
Only licensed contractors can participate in energy rebate programs. Hales participates in Ameren Missouri, KCP&L, and Missouri Gas Energy energy rebate programs.

6. Above and beyond service that’s tangible.
A reputable contract serves you in other ways. HVAC equipment manufacturers cut your warranty in half if it is not registered within 90 days of installation. We register all of the equipment we install so you receive your full warranty.

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