Meet the Hateful BeastAlong

The Hateful Beast is like the anti-mascot. It’s the character you see on all of Hale’s service vehicles, website and advertising. This is his ugly mug right here.

He LOVES to leave people without cooling on hot summer days – but what else does he love?

First Memory: A sound of a human crying over a broken air conditioner. It still fills my heart with warm memories.

Favorite Meal: Frozen pizza, iced coffee, freon cheesecake for dessert

Favorite Drink: Freon Martini — shaken, not stirred

Favorite Song: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Favorite Sports Team: The Heat… I can’t believe you had to ask!

Favorite Movie: Heat or Misery — I love human suffering.

Best Vacation Spot: Siberia in January. The best cold people viewing!

Favorite Dance: Break dancing…of course!

Favorite Joke: Why did the AC compressor sweat? Because it had to run all day.

Person you most admire: Willis Carrier – without him I wouldn’t exist

What do you dream about? Being wrapped in a blanket of cottonwood – with some grass clippings
and pet hair mixed in. I feel so warm and cozy – it makes me sleepy.

Favorite Achievement: Back in ‘98 I ruined a big wedding reception by breaking down
in a mid-August heat wave. The bride actually fainted. I love my bad self.

Why are you so hateful? Came from the factory that way – got evil in my coils.