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Heat Pump Repair Services

If you are like most people, the thought of any type of HVAC service might cause anxiety, worry, or even fear. Luckily, heat pumps are known for being reliable and trustworthy, but nonetheless, they are mechanical devices, and all machinery will eventually need to be repaired. An average heat pump will work well and efficiently for a decade or more, but because heat pumps are typically in use all year long, most people who live in their homes for a number of years are likely to encounter the need for heat pump repair.

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How do you determine whether or not your heat pump is performing like it should? There are a few things to look out for when it comes to figuring out if you need heat pump repair. First of all, use your ears. If you hear any kind of noise when you are using your heating and cooling system, that is usually a sign to call in the HVAC repair pros. Squealing, screeching, whistling, and the like should not be ignored. Schedule a heat pump repair or service call as soon as possible.

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Next, pay attention to the cycling pattern. If your heat pump seems to be turning on and off a lot, that can indicate a repair is needed. Known as short-cycling, turning off and on too frequently can cause your unit to overheat. A simple heat pump repair tends to become worse the longer you wait to call in a technician, so do not worry about the unknown. It is better to call early.

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Next, pay attention to your wallet. If your utility bills seem to be increasing but your house isn’t any warmer (or cooler), it might be time for a heat pump repair. When heating and cooling equipment is struggling, efficiency decreases, and your heat pump becomes more expensive to operate. There is no reason to put up with inefficient heating and cooling. Reach out to Hale's Heating & Cooling if you notice any of these symptoms. Do not let worry about the unknown keep you from taking good care of your heat pump on a regular basis and turn to your trusted professionals when you think you might need heat pump repair.

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