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There’s likely all sorts of stuff floating around in the air in your home. From dust, dander, and mold spores to microscopic bacteria, there are sources of pollution in every room. Breathing contaminated air puts your family’s health at risk. You also have to deal with the impact on home furnishings and HVAC equipment. Hale's Heating & Cooling provides the products and services to cleanse and purify indoor air. We target your specific issues and deliver whole-home results. Get in touch with us at 816-482-3844, and we’ll handle the rest.

Top of the Line Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Hale's Heating & Cooling partners with Respicare and Carrier to offer a whole bunch of innovative, whole-home options, certain to meet your requirements and exceed expectations. Air purification, humidifiers, and UV lights are just the start. We’ve been around for over forty years, draw from more than 15,000 days of on-the-job experience, and our factory authorized technicians know their stuff. We only recommend what you need and what works. Locally owned and operated, Hale's Heating & Cooling solves air quality problems anywhere across Kansas City, Liberty, Pleasant Valley, Kearney, Parkville, Smithville, Excelsior Springs, Gladstone and Claycomo, MO.

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